Peer Review Policy

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At Technoculture, we believe strongly in peer review; following the suggestions of the Council for Editors of Learned Journals "Best Practices for Online Journal Editors," we have a formal peer review policy, available here. 


Critical Works


We use double blind peer review except where that is impossible for some digital works. In all cases, reviewers are anonymous..


Creative Works


As is true of many literary journals, peer review of creative works is a matter of editorial taste. While we do consider all creative works peer reviewed if published in Technoculture, we will not normally send them out to a outside reviewer.




Our reviews are not peer reviewed publications, and most reviews for Technoculture will be solicited by our staff. Potential writers are nonetheless encouraged to suggest books, websites, media projects and other materials by writing inquiries at tcjournal dot org and we particularly encourage graduate students to consider writing a review as a first publication.