Printer-Friendly and E-mail Icons on Each Page of Technoculture

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Every content page of Technoculture includes icons for both a print-friendly version and for sending a link to our pages by e-mail to other readers. These icons are for the convenience of our readers.

The printer-friendly link will open a new window which you can then use to print out a paginated version of the article, preserving most of its formatting (some readers may find a print preview of the paginated version easier to read on screen). Please note that print versions of Technoculture articles and other works are maximized for Firefox on the Windows and Mac platforms. If you are not using Firefox, and you have problems with the formatting of the print friendly pages in your browser, please try switching to Firefox. The printed pages produced in our tests of Firefox on both the Mac and Windows platforms were by far the most useful, with margins suitable for hole punching and binding.

Having said this, you may use the links to print on any device you may be using.

The e-mail icon will lead you to a form from which it is possible to send a link to an article in Technoculture to your friends, classmates, or students.

Because of wide variants in the layout of pages (including differing pagination) produced by the print-friendly link while using different browsers and platforms, we ask that scholars do not cite any of the print versions created by the print-friendly link in their research. Instead, please reference the web version which is the stable version we maintain. You may always directly link to our pages from any other webpage, or use the e-mail icon to send a link to another reader.