Open Access Policy

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While Technoculture (TC) is not formally an Open Access journal, we are certainly committed to the free dissemination of knowledge. Our authors always retain full copyright, and our publication agreement with our authors only requests that they give us a permanent and irrevocable license to publish their work in Technoculture. Once published the work may not be withdrawn. However, authors may, without further permission, republish and reprint and otherwise distribute their work at will. We require only that they acknowledge Technoculture as the site for first publication.

All internal pages authored by TC Staff are under a CC license; authors are encouraged but not required to use a CC license.

Without exception all works in TC are available to readers via the WWW upon publication and will remain so indefinitely. We do not (and never will) embargo any works published in TC.

Readers may always disseminate all works via link or, where appropriate, in print-friendly versions, though we do not recognize print-friendly versions as authoritative. Their use of our authors' works is governed by the author except as allowed in fair use or other legal uses of copyrighted materials.

We encourage questions about our Open Access Policy at editor at tcjournal dot org.