Technoculture's Intellectual Property Policy

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There are two types of work found in this journal: those written by others (our authors) and those written in house, such as this document. This page details the use of intellectual property found in this journal; however, you may link to any of our webpages for all non-commercial purposes.

Authors of essays, reviews, and creative works published in Technoculture retain all copyright. We ask them to license their work with the Creative Commons license that meets their needs and to provide us with a permanent nonexclusive license to publish their work in this journal in perpetuity. The latter is required, but it specifically neither forbids any other use of material by its author nor requires a payment for publication. Use of these materials by our readers is subject to copyright law and may also be under a Creative Commons license as noted on each page.

Materials produced in house (such as this page) are our copyright and are all licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. Feel free to use them (with attribution) for any non-commercial use. If you need to use our materials for a commercial purpose, please write us at editor at tcjournal dot org for permissions.