How Long Will It Take for My Work to Appear in Technoculture?

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At Technoculture, speed of publication is a complex question since we like working with authors, and since we publish both creative and critical works, which necessarily have different timelines. Having said that, for critical essays that don't require much revision, we are currently offering two months of review, one month of revision, and a decision by the staff at that three month point. If accepted, it really doesn't take much time to post the article or other work.

Our editorial process begins with your inquiry. As editor, I do my best to get back to you within a day or two to let your know of my potential interest in your work, and to answer any questions you may have. If I'm not interested, I'll tell you right then so that you can you submit your work elsewhere. This kind of immediate rejection from an inquiry is very rare but it has happened and is usually a matter of fit rather than the quality of the work itself.

Our Process for Creative Works

Our creative editor and I review all creative submissions and either accept the work right away, or enter into a dialogue with the author(s) about the work and possible revisions. The peer review process for creative works—though one that may require rewrites from our creative writers—takes fewer steps and is therefore speedier.

Our Process for Critical Works

Critical works are reviewed after potential authors have submitted them to when we will.assign reviewers. You should hesr back from us with an update in two months.


Reviews (which are not peer-reviewed) will appear as they are completed by their authors and accepted for publication.

Creative vs. Critical Works

We will be able to publish creative works and reviews more quickly than we can critical works. We close each year's volume and index it on the last day of the year, moving on to a new volume as soon as we can.