Sci-Fi Digi-Porn: Anarcho Cyber-Terroism and the Evolutionary Horrorshow

Louis Armand, Charles University, Prague


Call for Proposals: Open Topic—Volume 6 (2016) [Revised]

For this open topic issue of Technoculture (Vol. 6, 2016), we seek creative works that use new media and/or are on the subject of technology, and essays from a broad a range of academic disciplines that focus on cultural studies of technology.


Authors of either critical or creative works may submit inquiries by emailing inquiries at tcjournal dot org directly. Questions you have may include what formats we support (but see our note to authors concerning media for more information) or our potential interest in a given idea; you may also attach relevant files. For large or multiple file submissions, please contact us by email at the above address and we will make suitable arrangements such as Dropbox or FTP.

Use of Hashtags on Our Pages

Keith Dorwick, Editor of Technoculture


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