Missing Articles and Broken Media Links

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Hello, all.

As you will soon find out, you will currently find a lot of broken links and missing media throughout the site. This is not at all our norm. This is the result of a change in the way that our hosting service handles our site's domain name (tcjournal.org) and a reconfiguration of other internal files on their end. That problem is now fixed; it took longer than it should have because our host is located in Houston TX and their offices were flooded. Understandably, this impacted the level of tech support they could offer.

In any case, one result of the change is that our urls used to include /drupal and now do not--or, rather, should not. Thus, https://tcjournal/drupal/about was a functional and correct address. It now should be https://tcjournal.org/about and if you wish to see any of our articles and creative works and reviews that are not able to be found (at the moment), simply remove /drupal from the URL in your web browser.

We will be working hard to fix all the links that refer to /drupal on our end but for now, this will work as a temporary solution. We will fix this soon.

You'll know you have run into this problem if you see a variant of this message:

Page not found
The requested page "/drupal/about" could not be found.

All you have to do is remove that /drupal and you will be able to read the article or other work you tried to click on. This is not your fault or ours, and our host made the change to make the site more secure, but it does mean broken links for now.

You will also note a number of broken links for media such as audio files, photos, etc. This is harder to fix temporarily, but we are aware of the problem, and we are going to be working very hard to resolve it quickly. Again, we just have to rewrite all our media links so that they resolve correctly (after seven years of publication, there are a lot of links to repair!).

This will take time and we apologize. We had close to 99% uptime last year and we will be working hard to resolve this. Again, we know the fix; we just have to implement it.

We know that Technoculture gets taught, a lot. Teachers, if you need an article for your teaching that has a lot of media in it, let us know that and we will put it highest priority so that you can have it for your classroom.

If you have any questions, email me at kdorwick at tcjournal dot org and I will be glad to answer them.

Thank you much for your patience.

Keith Dorwick, Editor