What does a typical article or review in Technoculture look like?

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We encourage use of media in all works published by Technoculture.

Articles should be between 7,500 and 10,000 words (or their equivalent in media projects). Ideally, even linear texts should include use of media such as still images, video, and audio. Please contact editor at tcjournal dot org for more information.

Creative works may be of any length, in the judgment of the editorial staff; you may write our Creative Editor at creative at tcjournal dot org if you are interested in submitting creative work, especially new media and documentations of installation or shows you've curated that involve technology.

Reviews should focus on cultural studies of technology published within the last two years of the 31 August deadline. All reviews should average 1,000 to 1,500 words. Reviews should include the complete details of the work: author(s), publisher, date of publication, and medium. Please contact the editor at editor at tcjournal dot org if you have suggestions for works we should review or would like to write a review for us (we particularly encourage graduate students to consider doing a review for us).

All linear critical essays submitted to Technoculture should be submitted in rtf. We also publish web equivalents such as html, video or audio. Video and audio works should include a transcript of the text.

Please include a brief bio of the author (no more than 100 words) with the final submission following review.

If you are interested in writing for us, begin by submitting an inquiry using the link you can see in the menu on the left hand side of every page. We will review your abstract and let you know if we might be interested in your essay or creative work. At that time, if we're interested, we'll also tell you when a full length draft is due for our reviewers.

If you are including media please see our page that details what we need from you in the way of media. With some few exceptions, we store all media directly on our site and do not allow you to link to an existing site.

If you need assistance, we'll help you convert linear texts to HTML and show you how to embed the video or audio in your document; we can also convert the texts for you. Those writing webtexts should link to all media using relative links and send us the entire web in its own directory.

All submissions should be made via https://technoculture.submittable.com.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know at inquiries at tcjournal dot org.