Note from Editor Keith Dorwick

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First, welcome to Volume 5 (2016) of Technoculture in its entirety!

We have some more articles, creative works and reviews schedule for Volume 6 (2016), which will be complete by the end of the year, and which we will be announcing any day now! Currently, Volume 5 is a strong issue with critical essays that tend to address the cutting edge of what technology may do, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, and creative works that—ironically—address the dangers of technology or look back to a lost or dying technological past (those interested in the idea of retro technologies should visit our Volume 3, which focused on that subject).

As always, we have a number of reviews that address books that examine the technological issues and concerns that are at the heart of this journal, and, as always, we encourage graduate students to write reviews for us by emailing me at kdorwick at tcjournal dot org

I would very much like to thank Lillie Connor-Flores, who served so ably as our Reviews Editor and Acting Assistant Editor during her stint at Technoculture; she was a great help and of great service both to this journal and to my work as editor.

Thanks also to Dr. Jordan Kellman, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and to Dr. Christine DeVine, Graduate Coordinator of the Department of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for their deep support of Technoculture.

We encourage you to submit critical essays, creative works and reviews. You may send abstracts and suggestions for comment to us at inquiries at tcjournal dot org. You can also submit both inquiries and full submissions to our Submittable site at Our Call for Papers will give you much useful information about becoming a TC author, as well as will the FAQs you see at the bottom of every one of our pages.

And, again, remember, we have much more to come here at Technoculture! Subscribe to our RSS feed at to always know when we post new works! Much new content will come soon.

Thanks for reading Technoculture!


Technoculture Volume 5 (2015)