Volume 5 (2015)

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Letter from the Editor


Critical Essays

Anarcho Cyber-Terroism and the Evolutionary Horror Show
Luis Armand, Charles University, Prague

Gaming Health: A Goals-Means-Agency Framework for Evaluating and Designing Physical Activity Games
Cynthia Carter Ching, University of California Davis
Roxanne Rashedi, University of California Davis
and Sara Elizabeth Schaefer, University of California Davis

Coding the Public Screen: Connections at the Nexus of Code, Affect, and the Stop Online Piracy Act
Daniel Faltesek, Oregon State University


Creative Works

Poem: Devoted Devonians
Marc Carver

Two Poems: "All Installed on a Motherboard" and "Cloning"
Yuan Changming

Video: Circus
Lindsay Greer, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Video: Nebula
Sarah K. Jackson, Southern University New Orleans

Poem: Au Courant
David Radavich

Poem: The Simple Life
Red Hawk



Review of Digital Modernism: Making it New in New Media
Laurie Alfaro, DePaul University

Review of Memes in Digital Culture
LauraAnne Carroll-Adler, University of Southern California

Review of Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents
Sarah Evans, North Carolina State University

Review of Social Media in Disaster Response: How Experience Architechs can Build for Participation
Sheri McClure-Baker, DeVry University

Review of The Technology of Nonviolence: Social Media and Disaster Response
Craig A. Meyer, Texas A&M-Kingsville



Call for Papers: Future Volumes