Poem—"A Short Computer Program"

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Gunny Jett



About This Work

Gunny Jett notes:

I write about contemporary America, society, the city, work and family. I try to depict the struggles of what these things mean and how they fit together. I write in simple language that describes and juxtaposes the simplicity and complications within our world. The common person is the standard audience and as a writer I want to interact with a majority of the world through my writing. I like to use stanzas but not restricted by a particular form. I write how I feel most comfortable at that moment because it is a release, a drug or therapy to write. I know other writers feel this same need to write. It is an uncontrollable impulse. 

Creating programs and poems are like designing little machines from scratch. You have to figure out how to build this machine and what you want it to accomplish. I was creating many programs when I wrote this poem. The repetitiveness and the uniqueness of a program intrigued me and reminded me of literature or poetry. I liked the similarities of both programming and writing. They both gave me the same frustrations and satisfactions. So one day I sat down to write a program and out came a poem in the form of a program.  



A Short Computer Program

int main(itmayseemempty){
double triple, takeasmanyasyouwant, blue, thishotdamnstate, leaves, anything;
printf("Outside of myself, I can’t seem to mind being here, in our romantic robotic environment : \n");
scanf_s("%FL" &thishotdamnstate); 
tappingrushofquickfingers = thishotdamnstate;
thishotdamnstate + blue = anything:
anything = leaves;
printf("Get out of here! Where have we been, all without any regard : %0.2FL", leaves);
system("pause"); // please pause, PLEASE! I am rapidly growing, disgustingly growing.




Gunny was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He has written articles for various newspapers, magazines and journals. Gunny writes poetry, fiction and screenplays. His poetry has appeared in Strange Foot Publications. He is also a painter preferring to work with watercolors and acrylics.  He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature where he also studied creative writing and philosophy. He has a background in computer programming.


© 2014 Gunny Jett, used by permission

Technoculture Volume 4 (2014)