Volume 4 (2014)—Oppression and Liberation

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Note from the Editor


Critical Essays


On Gender and Sexuality


A Technoculture Special Section Guest Edited by:

Amber Johnson, Prairie View A&M University and
Jake Simmons, Angelo State University


Digital Articulations of Sexuality and Gender: An Introduction


GLOing Depictions of Sexual Minorities: Sex & Sexuality in Gay- and Lesbian-Oriented Media
Bradley Bond, University of San Diego

Exporting Indian Masculinity
Murali Balaji, Hindu American Foundation

"The Bed Intruder"—News Video Goes Viral: Antoine Dodson as Internet Celebrity and Commodity
Riché Richardson, Cornell University

"Homosexual Depravity" on Film or Social Media Camp: The Evolving Framing of a Men’s Room Sex Sting
Bruce E. Drushel, Miami University, Ohio


Other Critical Articles

Participatory Media & Culture: The Spirit of the Human
Deb Balzhiser, Texas State University
Caroline E. Jones, Austin Community College
Julie Good, San Antonio College

Web Designer: Tate English, National Instruments

Social Ruptures and Osculative Interpellation: Approaching the Twitterverse Through the Prism of Laclau and Althusser
Thomas Breideband, Georgia State University and Mainz University, Germany

Steven Hammer, Saint Joseph's University

Ethics of Network Subjectivity
Kate Drazner Hoyt, University of Denver

Digital Technology, Trauma, and Identity: Redefining the Authentic Self of the 21st Century
Courtney Patrick-Weber, Bay Path University

Field Notes on Activist Objects
Matthew Pavesich, Georgetown University

Community Guides: Disrupting Oppression in Comment Threads on Social Sites
Stephanie Vie, University of Central Florida
Deb Balzhiser, Texas State University
Devon Fitzgerald Ralston, Miami University



Kris Blair and Radhika Gajjala
Interview by April Conway, Bowling Green State University


Creative Works

Sound Work: Social Justice for All for Some
Dean Brink, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Two Video Poems
Louie Clay, Rutgers University

Shape Poem: Women and Technology
Renée Farrar, United States Military Academy

Poem: A Short Computer Program
Gunny Jett

Video/Performance: Machines of Dissymmetry
Franceso Levato

Video: The body of Others
Joseph Medaglia, Ryerson University

Poem: WFH
Lenore Weiss



Review of It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens
Godfried Asante, University of New Mexico

Review of Going Viral
Marijel (Maggie) Melo, The University of Arizona

Review of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other
Andrea L. Meluch, The University of Akron

Review of Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet
Jennifer F. Wood, Millersville University of Pennsylvania






Call for Papers: Future Volumes