Poem—"Medicinal Art"

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David Radavich


Poem: "Medicinal Art"

So this is
the trajectory 
of my life,
the graph 
someone higher
can pick up 
and read.
Is that one peak
the week
we spent at the beach
strolling on sand
and thinking
of turtles returning?
The low 
valley perhaps
my son’s death
or loss of that job
always hated
yet needed as sin.
It is nice to see 
plotted on paper.
Now I know
what it all means—
a line as if
on an upturned palm
that can reach out
and touch
almost a life.




David Radavich's poetry collections include America Bound: An Epic for Our Time (2007), Canonicals: Love's Hours (2009), and Middle‐East Mezze (2011). His plays have been performed across the U.S., including six Off‐Off‐Broadway, and in Europe. His latest book is The Countries We Live In (2014).


© 2013 David Radavich, used by permission

Technoculture Volume 3 (2013)