Poetry: Simple Machines

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Terry S. Johnson

About This Work

Simple machines have been integral in the development of civilization and are still important today as advanced technologies are lacking in many third world countries. This poem sequence explores the concept and use of simple machines in both a personal and historical context.

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Terry S. Johnson has explored careers as a newspaper advertising clerk, a reference librarian, and a professional harpsichordist before serving as a public school fifth and sixth grade teacher for twenty-five years. She has traveled extensively including much of Eurasia, northern Africa, and India including two summers as a volunteer English teacher in the Republic of Georgia. She earned her M.F.A. in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Terry’s first book entitled Coalescence will be published in June, 2014 by WordTech Communications.

© 2013 Terry S. Johnson, used by permission

Technoculture Volume 3 (2013)