Letter from the Editor, Volume 2 (2012)

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1 January 2012

Hello, and welcome to the second volume of Technoculture!

In a huge change for us, we have moved to continuous publication. Each year, we begin publishing essays, articles, creative works, and reviews as soon as we feel they're ready for our readers. We also denote a given volume as being "in process" throughout the website, until we close publication for that volume at the end of each year.

Our second issue will be robust. Though we began the year with only two items published in Volume 2 (a poem by Michael Cherry and a critical article/video written by Jacqueline Rhodes and Jonathan Alexander that is part of a joint publication with Enculturation), we have a number of creative works under development, and 17 critical articles currently under peer review; we have also solicited a number of reviews. As they become ready for publication, we will add them to Volume 2's Table of Contents and to our home page. We'll complete Volume 2 on 31 Dec 2012 and send it off to the various databases in which we are included early in 2013 to allow for full indexing of all materials included in Volume 2. The easiest way to keep up with new additions to the TC website is to subscribe to our RSS feed; we'll post all new materials to it.

We are now cataloged by the Library of Congress, which means libraries will find it easy to catalog us in turn. Recently I signed a contract with EBSCOhost which will mean that sometime this year we will be listed in a large number of EBSCOhost databases with a link to the full text journal itself. Technoculture is also currently listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals. Volume 1 is currently being indexed in the MLA Bibliography and Volume 2 and all subsequent volumes will be so indexed as well. We're going to continue looking for more ways to allow readers to find us, including a wider inclusion in databases used by scholars in Communication Studies.

In another attempt to become more interdisciplinary, TC Journal sent out a call to those scholars asking for volunteers for new positions on the editorial board. We were amazed and very pleased with the warm response we received, and have recently posted the expanded listing of our board to our masthead page (available from the menu to the right of every page of this journal). Like the initial members of our board, the new members range from junior faculty and graduate students to very senior people in their fields, with a wide range of expertise that will benefit our authors as we continue our practice of peer review.

Finally, we have added new staff members:

Julie Platt, our Creative Editor, is a poet who holds multiple degrees. She has an MA in English from Ohio University and an MFA in poetry from Bowling Green State University and is currently a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Writing Program at Michigan State. Her digital poem "Pod" was published in our first volume. Creative writers in all genres (including new media) are encouraged to write her at creative at tcjournal dot org with queries. We see creative work as being hugely important to both popular culture and to the academy and so would like the creative portion of our journal to be as rich as possible, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and new media of all sorts.

André Favors is our Reviews Editor; he is responsible for all aspects of the reviews we'll include in each issue from soliciting reviews to supplying reviewers with copies of the texts involved to copyediting the review for final approval by me. He is currently a graduate student in the MS program in the Department of Communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

And we could not survive without the services of our Editorial Assistant, Jennifer Page. She is a graduate student working on her PhD in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; she specializes in the literature (especially drama) of the English Early Modern Period.

For all writers, we still invite the use of our inquiries page. Inquiries sent by that webform go to all the staff, so you needn't worry about contacting all of us. We'll sort out who can best handle your concern.

We also invite you to submit Letters to the Editor, a function that just came online recently.

If you have any questions for me as Editor, feel free to e-mail me: editor at tcjournal dot org. I'll get back to you right away.

And enjoy reading and watching and listening to Technoculture!

Respectfully yours,

Keith Dorwick (signed)

Editor, Technoculture

Technoculture Volume 2 (2012)