Popup Windows

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Authors can easily put place a thumbnail image on the page, and then switch to a high resolution version via a popup window, as seen below.


'The High Life,' Keith Dorwick


Here is the code that you would use to embed a photo and a thumbnail image:

<a href="/issues/demo/streetscene.jpg" rel="lightbox"
title="'The High Life,' Keith Dorwick"> 
<img src="/issues/demo/streetscene-thumb.jpg" 
alt="'The High Life,' Keith Dorwick"> </a>

The word "demo" in the code seen above should be replaced by the volume number in which your article or creative piece will be appearing in the following format: vol3 for volume 3 followed by your last name (or article short name, in the case of joint authorship). We place all media in a special directory called "issues."

If my photo were appearing in Volume 3, then, the location would read:


You can also embed a webpage into a popup box as well.

Here is the Technoculture website, embedded in a popup window: TC Journal

That code would appear as follows:

<a href="http:tcjournal.org"
rel="lightframe[|width:1000px; height:700px; scrolling: auto;]
[TC Journal]">TC Journal</a>

Similar code can be used to make galleries or to embed video. Contact us at info at tcjournal dot org if you wish to use these capabilities.