CFP: Creative Works

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Technoculture is seeking creative works that use new media, or otherwise engage the subject of technology.

In all cases, we prefer works that use media (all forms) in new or exciting ways. Preferentially, this might include:

  • Audio works
  • Video works
  • Digital images, especially those that use digital manipulation or retro images and aren't just images straight from the camera
  • Digital poems
  • Other digitally enhanced or produced creative works, so long as they are stored on our server and otherwise self-contained on our website
  • Creative works should either demonstrate a cutting use of technology (beyond print-like, alphabetic technologies at the very least), or be on the subject of technology

    We seek to publish art work and especially media designed for display/dissemination on a computer monitor including still images, video or audio. We also publish documentation of art installations and exhibitions.

    Creative and critical works published in Technoculture are published continuously; we will close off each year's volume on 31 December of each year and rollover all submissions in process at that time to the next year automatically.

    All critical and creative works are peer reviewed.

    Authors of all materials are welcome to submit abstracts and inquiries for creative works and reviews to creative at tcjournal dot org. Formal submissions of all works will be by Submittable; please visit and sign up for a Submittable account (if you do not yet have one) at and submit your work there.

    Last Modified: 12 June, 2017