CSS style sheet for Technoculture

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Standard CSS style sheet for Technoculture

For General Formatting by Class:

.white (for white backgrounds)

Horizontal rule, 50% of the page, centered


Spacing: 40 px; 25px; 20px; 15px;


For paragraphs

p.both-ident (both left and right margin pulled in .5 in)

For images, with wrapped text; includes a border as below


Without a border:

(Note the change in capitalization)

Border for images and other elements


For center (useful with divs)


For center with tables:


For indention outside of a paragraph tag as well as compound indention:


For CSS3 columns and content grouping:


For text alignment:


For spans:


For divs:

div.left-margin-15 (moves the left margin of everything in the div over 15% from the left margin on the current window)

Sidebars with an illustration or other object plus a caption with border:


To make a sidebar, create a div (or span) with a class of either of the sidebars, then place any code you want between the two tags. The background will change to white; text and lineheight reduced to 90%; items in the div bordered just like our floatRight or floatLeft (black, 2px); and the whole box floated to the right or left.

Primary use: illustrations with captions. Between the divs, add the img tag then one nested paragraph, with a short text between the p tags. Multiple lines may be used (for instance, to add a photo credit): use the the br tag within the p tags to break text up into shorter lines. Add the divider class to the upper element of the sidebar to add a black line between the two elements.

NOTE: This should not replace the alt tag but be used with it!